Private Menemen Ekin Secondary School was founded 20 years ago and it has established itself asa well-respected school in the region and nationwide. Our school motto is “Every child is a differentworld.” In our school, academic success and happiness go hand in hand. The whole educationalprogramme and everyday practices are designed with this philosophy in mind. We recognize theindividual characteristics of each of our students. We strive to raise students who can work incooperation with others, who are curious about the world around them, who can ask questions andthink critically. We work to raise creative students who are good problem solvers, can show empathyand can express themselves freely. We believe that the emotional wellbeing of students is just asimportant as their academic success. Our teachers and guidance counsellors work in closecooperation with the parents to make sure that students can reach their full potential. The studentsare from the age of 11 to 14. There are currently 197 students enrolled at the school. The schoolcurriculum follows the Ministry of Education’s Primary Programme but it has been enriched withmany extracurricular activities. The school principal Yavuz Güneş, vice principal İrem Dinçer, Headof Foreign Languages Akbar Aghdam, Coordinator of Foreign Languages Ayşe Göçer, who hasworked as the school coordinator of a Comenius project in 2010, will be the key people responsiblefor the project. The school teaching staff consists of creative, energetic, dedicated educators who arevery creative and keen on developing professionally. They are eager to implement new, innovativemethodologies and share their expertise with other professionals. Our previous Comenius projectexperience will certainly be of use in future projects. For the last 4 years, our school has beenorganising the Ekin Junior Model United Nations Conference which is the biggest in the region. Weare also the country coordinator of “Future Problem Solving International” and organise training andnational competitions. Our school also competed in Destination Imagination Competitions. Webelieve that these experiences and our excellent organisational skills will be beneficial in the success of the project.

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