The San Bernardino da Siena Comprehensive Institute is composed of: the Policarpo Bandininursery school, the  Aurelio Saffi primary school and the San Bernardino da Siena first gradesecondary school. In particular, the focus of the secondary school is the education of the personthrough all kinds of languages. Therefore, we can summarize the central nucleuses of our activity: •Supporting adolescents in their age, when the characters of their personality emerge within inevitableproblems • Education of civil and democratic coexistence, recognizing others’needs of differentindividuals and cultural points of view • Educating to aware, critical and responsible citizenship, withparticular attention to environmental issues. Our motivations towards Erasmus experience are: •improve the skills of school staff and strengthen the quality of teaching and learning • increase theknowledge and  understanding of the educational policies and practices of European countries •trigger changes in terms of modernization and internationalization of schools • createinterconnections between formal, non-formal education, vocational training and the labor market •promote European mobility activities for pupils and school staff, including long-term ones • increaseopportunities for professional development and career development of school staff • increasemotivation and satisfaction in your daily work KEY PERSONNEL Headteacher Guerranti Luca.Teachers: Prof. Calabrese Mattia, teacher of English, Prof. Fantacci Tiziana, teacher of letters andvicar of the secondary school of first degree; prof.ssa Mancini Anna, teacher of letters; Prof. BardiniCecilia, teacher of letters; Prof. Marisi Antonella, teacher of letters; Financial Manager: BerniniClaudia.

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