The Puiu Sever Secondary School is situated in a small village near Oradea, a city in the northwestern part of  Romania. This institution is a studying place for 649 children with ages ranging between 3 and 15  and provides  a working environment for 45 teachers. Unfortunately, a big part of our students have a problematical family background. Nonetheless, our school is a place of symbiosis: teachers learn from students, and, vice-versa, students learn from  teachers, as well. There are several classes that are being studied, such as: Romanian, Romani, English, French, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Arts, Physical Education and Religious Education. Our main goal is to help our students create a better future for themselves, to teach them that through small steps they can become a better version of themselves. We would like to join this project as it is a great opportunity to gain experience, to upgrade teaching methods and to improve the academic relationship with our students . And what better way of accomplishing this than working together in a project that raises awareness about environmental issues. Our main focus will be learning to protect nature, to see it as a big home for all of us and to acknowledge the fact that, step by step, we can change our future into a healthier, cleaner and greener one. The Romanian team project is formed by our coordinators: Kindergarden teacher Mrs. Luncan Andrea Cristina,  Head Principal - Mrs. Baicu Mariana, and English teacher - Mrs. Lobonț Katalin. The management team includes a number of  nine teachers: Vice Principal - Mr. Cordovan Ionel, Romani Kindergarden teacher - Mrs. Cordovan Noemi, Primary school teachers: Mrs. Suciu Petronela, Mrs. Sinka Palmi, Mrs. Karacsony Zoița, Miss Arsinte Alexandra, Support teacher - Mrs. Giurgiu Florentina, Mathematics teacher - Mrs. Pop Claudia and Romanian teacher - Miss Boldiș Alexandra. Even if we are novices in this field and we lack experience, commitment and determination recommend us as valuable  team members.

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