The project We Share One Future: Learning and Acting to Transform its presented by five partner schools of Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Romania aims to raise awareness among students for current environmental problems and enrich their portfolio of knowledge using innovative forms of teaching and learning, observing what surrounds them, exposing, experiencing, analyzing, collaborating, producing and acting.

The partners of this project intend to accomplish this major goal by achieving the following


  • to improve teacher’s knowledge and experiences in new and innovative teaching methodologies;

  • to raise students' motivation for thinking in a global way and to be more active and proactive;

  • provide and encourage students to learn non-native/foreign languages, with special emphasis on the English language, improving their communication competencies;

  • improving students' awareness and knowledge for environmental issues;

  • provide activities to promote the assimilation of new strategies, such as Digital Story Telling, Video- Based-Learning, Gamification, Project Based Learning, Personalized Learning and Adaptive

  • Learning and adopt them in partner schools curricula in order to improve quality and efficacy;

  • improving the level of essential ICT skills and the use of digital tools;

  • to promote the Integrated Learning of Content and Language in the area of Education for environmental issues;

  • developing the capacity to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, tolerance and active citizenship;

  • give an European dimension to schools and education.

The need to develop student’s awareness for environmental issues starts from early ages, such as climate change, lack of energy sources, recycling, deforestation, threatened species, overcrowding, urban sprawl, and attempts to cope with them are similar needs that partner schools of this project feel.


The major target of the project are about 1500 students (ages 3 to 15). They will participate at all stages of the project, except during mobilities because they are too young to go abroad. They will also participate indirectly in E-Twininng virtual mobilities and in locally promoted activities.

Our goals to achieve are

High position in the quality of education and European Projection/proportion.